How to make your own SoundBoard?

Create Sound Board

SoundBoardio is Github driven app.

If you are familiar with Github, it's easy! Really! Follow these simple steps:

  1. Create new repository on your Github. (Based on this repository)
  2. Prepare your sounds (Github or self-hosted files)
  3. Prepare icons (you will need at least two icons if you want your app to be installable). See this example
  4. Create your soundboardio.json manifest . You can use our generator!

Now you can just open your shiny new app with your own url. It's working automagically: myname/mysounds → myname/mysounds

Mobile apps: Android and iOS

Mobile app example
  1. Open some SoundBoard on mobile Chrome/Safari
  2. Hit install

If you don't see the install button, you can select it from the menu in your browser

Your Sound Board does not have to be on main page. Its working automagically without it.
Just open your SoundBoard and install it or just enjoy it without installing.

How to be in our list?

  1. Make a pull request to our plugin repository:
  2. No step two! Wow!


Do I have to put all my mp3 files into Github?
No. This is optional. You can put you mp3 files at your own https server and have only a soundboard.json in your github repository.
Then the file path to the mp3 files must be absolute. Watch this example